Edlesborough Parish Council is pleased to announce a new, Small Grant scheme.

This is a great opportunity for local groups, local charities and local organisations to get a grant of up to £500 in this new scheme. The main terms of the grant are very straightforward.

  • The purpose for which the grant is made must be in the interest of Edlesborough Parish that covers the residents of Edlesborough. Dagnall and Northall.
  • EPC will determine the size of the award up to a maximum of £500.
  • We will not award funds for activities that have already taken place.
  • Any publicity covering the activity funded must mention EPC’s involvement.
  • The award recipients must make a short presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting.

The last time EPC awarded grants was to the teams established as outcomes from the Parish Plan in 2008. Today, some of those teams are still operating successfully. This new award scheme is broader in its application and is intended to run each year from now onwards if enough proposals come forward for funding.

We have designed the application in two stages. The first stage involves screening the application to ensure it meets the basic criteria. EPC has established a small team of councillors who will examine the initial proposal. If the proposal passes stage one it moves forward to the second stage where we will require all the details needed to ensure that public money is spent wisely.

Applications will be reviewed at any time during the year and awards to successful applications made in each quarter beginning in April this year. The total funding available is limited.

Full details of the terms of the scheme can be found here

Please remember the key requirement is that it must benefit the Parish of Edlesborough that covers the residents of Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall.


We look forward to hearing your proposals!


Edlesborough Parish Council