Planning Applications for Edlesborough Parish are summarised by year (received).

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Planning applications within Edlesborough Parish are determined by Buckinghamshire Council (BC). Edlesborough Parish Council (EPC) does however have a role in the process in that EPC is invited by BC to submit any comments that they wish to be considered, including whether they support or object to the application.

EPC is not obliged to inform neighbours of the property in question that an application has been received, the statutory notification being a "yellow" notice posted outside the property by the Aylesbury Vale Planning Authority. It used to be customary for EPC to advise near neighbours that an application has been submitted and who to contact if they wished to view the application locally. Unfortunately, BC has ceased providing EPC with hard copies of applications and so consequently, EPC can no longer offer the facility for local viewing of the plans. Plans can however still be viewed on the BC website:

EPC does not have a separate Planning Committee. Instead, one Councillor is delegated to review the applications and make a recommendation regarding an appropriate response to AVDC at the next full EPC meeting. Unfortunately, the closing date for responses to BC sometimes falls before the next Parish Council meeting. When that occurs, the delegated Councillor’s recommendation is forwarded to BC as a provisional response, subject to ratification by the full EPC at their next meeting. In the event that the full Council decides at that next meeting that the provisional response was not appropriate, the final response is sent to BC reflecting the agreed view of the Council. In order to minimise the likelihood of this being necessary, it is customary for the delegated Councillor responsible for compiling the provisional response, to advise the other councillors of the response before it is submitted to BC. Thus, if a majority of the other councillors are unhappy with the proposed response, an extraordinary meeting of the full Council can be convened to agree a response within the necessary time frame.

In determining its response to BC, EPC must consider what is best for the local community in general, within the framework of the published national, county and district planning policies.

As Dagnall is in a designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' it is subject to additional planning parameters. Further information and advice can be found on