Edlesborough Parish Council are pleased to announce that the examination of the Edlesborough Parish Neighbourhood Plan is now complete. (10 August 2017)


Aylesbury Vale District Council have published the following documents (21.8.17):

Final Submission Plan submitted to Aylesbury Vale District Council on Thursday 6th April 2017

As the Local Planning Authority, AVDC are now required to undertake a publication period to provide an opportunity for all parties to comment on the submitted proposals before the Plan goes ahead to Examination.  The consultation commenced on Thursday 6th April 2017 and run for a 6 week period, closing at 5pm on Thursday 18th May 2017.

Edlesborough Parish Council encourages everyone to submit their comments to AVDC, whether or not you agree agree with the Plan.  Don't just assume that because you don't have any objections that you don't need to comment.  If the Examining Inspector only receives objections to the Submission Plan, he/she may assume that it has little, if any, community support and will be more likely to reject it and consequently it may never reach the referendum stage.  If you support the Plan and want it to succeed, say so.  Please note that your comments need to be sent to AVDC and not the Parish Council.  The appropriate comments form can be downloaded from the AVDC website:



Pre Sub Plan now published

  • Pre Sub Plan (8.12.16)  (This is a .pdf with 49 pages and many photos and maps, so please allow some time for it to download)

This was published on Thursday 8th December 2016 and Public Consultation has now commenced.

Any comments you wish to make must be submitted to the Parish Council by email to clerk@edlesborough-pc.gov.uk or in writing to The Clerk, Edlesborough Parish Council, 15 Summerleys, Edlesborough, LU6 2HR. The closing date for comments is 27th January 2017.

The following documents are referenced in the Pre Sub Plan - Appendix A - Evidence Base:

A 6 page leaflet introducing the Pre Sub Plan will be distributed by volunteers to every household in the Parish by 18th December 2016.  When reading this leaflet PLEASE be aware that page 1 is deliberately blank.


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