This article was published in March 2006. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

The following issues were discussed at the January General Purposes Committee and Parish Council Meetings.

Community Policing

The Parish Council in conjunction with Pitstone and Ivinghoe Parish Councils will be entering into an agreement to obtain the services of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) the funding of which to be shared by Pitstone Parish Council contributing £7,000.00, Ivinghoe Parish Council £1,000.00 and Edlesborough Parish Council £7,000.00. The Parish Council feel this will be money well spent in order to combat the vandalism and crime that occurs throughout the villages.


Budgets have been set for the coming year and a Precept of £56,500.00 requested, this being a year on year increase of £1,500.00 (3.1%) to part-cover inflation etc. and a further increase of £7,000.00 to cover the Edlesborough Parish Council's share of the new Police Community Service Officer planned to be appointed in April and who would also be part-funded by, and cover, the parishes of Pitstone and Ivinghoe. This PCSO would be full-time and would be wholly employed on looking after the 3 Parishes. This overall Precept of £56,500.00 is equivalent to approximately £4.80 per household.

Traffic Calming

The Parish Council has applied to Buckinghamshire County Council for the supply of Yellow Backed speed limit signs and roundels for Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall. The Parish Council is also requesting the possibility of having a speed limit reminder at the County boundary in Moor End and installing 'white gates' on the approach to Edlesborough from Northall.

Edlesborough Village

After many years of requesting action the pavement in Taskers Row is now being improved.

Pine Trees Garage

The 'HAND WASH' sign has now been removed and the Parish Council are pursuing the legality of this franchise.

Edlesborough Memorial Hall

Users of the Memorial Hall are to be informed that if they wish to use a TV/DVD it will be their responsibility to obtain the necessary licence. Meetings are being held to discuss the specification required for a new floor.

Memorial Hall Car Park

Further barrier posts have been uplifted through vandalism.


A new lock has been fitted and keys distributed to the Sports Clubs.

Parish Plan

Invitations to groups and businesses have been delivered and upon receipt of responses the Parish will arrange a public meeting to discuss this in more detail and to obtain ideas and suggestions. Councillors have recently attended a 'Funding Fair' where money may be available for this project.

Rights of Way/Footpaths

Buckinghamshire County Council Rights of Way team are to liaise with Thames Valley Probation Service to carry out works in the Parish under supervision and at no cost to the Authority. The Parish Council consider this to be of benefit in keeping the rights of way and footpaths tidier.

Road Repairs

Details of 'pot holes' and roads requiring attention have been forwarded to the County Council.

Parish Website

If there is anything that Parishioners would like to see on the Parish Website or feel they would like to include any news, information or photographs please forward an electronic copy to [email protected]


Thames Valley Police have reported the following crimes in the Parish between 15th December and 19th January.

Edlesborough: Theft 3, Criminal Damage 2, Assaults (2 both domestic) Unrelated non crime calls 7

Dagnall: Theft 2, Burglary dwelling 2, Criminal Damage 3, Unrelated non crime calls 3

Northall: Theft 1, Unrelated non crime calls 3 (2 were malicious)

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
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