This article was published in October 2013. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

Parish Council meeting– dates and venues

  • 17th October 7.30pm at Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • 21st November 7.30pm at Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • 19th December 7.30pm at Edlesborough Memorial Hall


Allotment rents will be collected at Edlesborough Memorial Hall on Saturday 5th October between 9am and 12noon for tenants residing in Edlesborough and Northall and on Sunday 6th October between 9.30am and 12noon at Dagnall Trading Hut for Dagnall tenants and those that were not able to attend the Memorial Hall on Saturday. To keep the administration charges to a minimum would tenants please arrange to pay their rents on time or arrange for someone to pay on their behalf. All rents should have been paid to Mrs Penny Pataky, Assistant Clerk by latest Saturday 12th October.

Best Kept Village Competition

Edlesborough was unsuccessful this year and the Best Kept Village sign has now been removed and presented to the winning village of Cuddington. The Judges’ comments were that the village had a rather neglected look with the exception of the areas around the village hall and the village sign. The Churchyard and Cemetery were neat and well maintained. The Flower Shop was attractive and the café well used and tidy but there was an abundance of weeds at the bottom of walls. Litter also needed attention. Regrettably Edlesborough, like other parish villages, was badly let down by Bucks CC with the lack of grass cutting when judging took place.

Speed Limit in Leighton Road, Edlesborough

Funding is being sought to endeavour to get a speed reduction from 60 to 50mph on the Leighton Road between Edlesborough and the Travellers Rest.

Parking at the top of Edlesborough High Street

The Council are in discussions with Buckinghamshire County Council to ascertain whether better parking arrangements can be achieved.

Extension of Play Area on The Green

It is hoped that the new play equipment on Edlesborough Green will have been installed and in use by the end of October.


Quotations are being sought to lay a path and erect a barrier on Gaddesden Walk footpath.


It has been confirmed by Bucks CC that the footpath across Northall village green was originally incorrectly marked out and will be reinstated to the correct position in due course.

Thames Valley Police

Crime prevention tip of the month- Recently there has been a small increase in vamoose burglaries in Aylesbury Vale (vehicles stolen by obtaining the key from the home). Here are 5 top tips to reduce this type of crime:

  1. Park in a garage if possible.
  2. Don’t leave keys on show that can be seen through a door or window. Keys can easily be hooked through letterboxes if left by the front door.
  3. Secure all windows and doors with a key, especially at night.
  4. Install automatic motion lights where your vehicles are parked.
  5. Don’t leave tools or objects in the garden which can be used to force entry into your home and make sure garden gates are locked.

Parish Council Minutes

Council has decided to put draft versions of the Parish Council minutes on the website in order that parishioners can be informed earlier of matters discussed. Any amendments will be made before the minutes are signed at the next meeting.

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
Please note office hours are Monday-Friday 10.30am-2.30pm. Messages may be left on an answer phone outside of these hours.