This article was published in October 2014. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

New Councillor

The Parish Council are very pleased to welcome Cllr Robert Pratt to the council. Cllr Pratt was co-opted onto the council during the September meeting and will be representing the Parishioners of Northall.

Cow Lane Development Application

Cllr Williams and District Council Poll both attended the AVDC Strategic Management Development Committee. Below is a short summary of the discussions and representations made in response to the application for 30 New Houses in Cow Lane, Edlesborough.

Despite the spirited efforts of District Councillor Chris Poll, Parish Councillor Alan Williams and resident Elizabeth Braiden, who spoke to oppose the application, the Committee agreed to the development going ahead subject to terms known as Defer and Delegate. This means that the issues itemised below needed further work but, in principle, the task of ensuring that these problems were overcome by the developer was delegated to the Planning Department to resolve. The assumption is that they will be resolved to their satisfaction despite our considerable concerns with the Foul Drainage/Sewerage issues.

Surface Water drainage

The local water board objected to the development. The developer said they would solve the surface water drainage problem without specifying how. The committee put this item as one needing resolution as part of the development. The implication was that the developer needed to present a plan before development started but the solution did not have to be implemented before development commences.

Foul Drainage/Sewerage

There was considerable sympathy for the situation of the local residents and much questioning about solutions to the extent that at one point the discussion centred on the need to have the sewerage system reconfigured to eliminate 90 degree bends etc. All previous applications for this site had been opposed by Anglian Water. For this one however Anglian has said the system has the capacity.


The amended plan calls for a widening of Cow Lane opposite the Doctor's surgery. However the resident of the adjacent house has challenged this as he believes the land that they want to take does not belong to the County Highways Dept. This issue has to be resolved in the same way as above. It does not have to be finalised before development can begin.

One other issue that needs some clarification but is not an issue that affects planning is the requirement to provide Affordable Housing as part of the development.


ECSC (Edlesborough Community Sports Club) along with EPC submitted a pre-application to Aylesbury Vale District Council late July. This was to test the waters and see what response they would have. As a result of the positive feedback the Council has now commissioned TrioPlus to provide consultancy services in furtherance of the proposals to develop a new Pavilion.

For more information please follow the ECSC on Facebook.


Please see the separate article in this addition of Focus about our plans for new streetlights in the Parish.

Several lights have been reported to the technician for repairs. Please remember to report any faulty streetlights to the Clerk (details below) NOT AVDC or Bucks CC.


Following complaints received by the Council regarding inconsiderate parking. Parishioners are asked to remember to park considerately, ensuring pedestrians, parents with pushchairs and those using disability scooters can use the footways (pavements) and that junctions are not blocked and emergency vehicles can pass without difficulty.

Overgrown Trees & Hedging

The Council requests that all Parishioners ensure that their hedges, bushes and/or trees do not encroach onto the public footway. Please cut back any overgrown shrubbery to your property boundary allowing free access to footway users.

Electoral Roll

District Cllr Chris Poll reported that the Parish has a good record of returning voter registrations. Council staff will again be calling in person to those that have not registered to vote, there is a legal requirement to register so for any Parishioner who has not yet registered please do so. Information can be found at

AVDC Webcast

AVDC have now started webcasting council meetings. At present just full council meetings but this may soon change to include others as well. For anyone interested the first such webcast can be seen via

Remembrance Day Service

This will take place at Eaton Bray Church on Sunday 9th November.

The regular Sunday Service will begin at 9:30am followed by the Act of Remembrance at Eaton Bray War Memorial 10:50am – 11:15am

Edlesborough Parish Council Meeting

This next meeting will be held at Edlesborough Memorial Hall on Thursday 20th November 2014, commencing at 7:30pm. Minutes of previous meetings can be found on the website

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
Please note office hours are Monday-Friday 10.30am-2.30pm. Messages may be left on an answer phone outside of these hours.