This article was published in September 2016. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

BCC Services Devolution

In April of this year Bucks CC devolved some of its services to Edlesborough Parish Council. This included the cutting of the grass verges within the 30mph limit, keeping some of the Rights of Way clear and maintenance of street signs etc. BCC has now informed EPC that they are unable to carry out some of their retained responsibilities as they have no funds for it.

Weed Spraying

EPC will now be taking responsibility for and funding weed spraying the gullies, starting with one initial spray this year, with two further sprays in 2017.

Rights of Way

Did you know there are 33 paths (footpaths not pavements) in Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall totalling a length of 17608 metres?

Many of these have been devolved to EPC for clearance and our contractor is working hard visiting each of these once a month to ensure they are kept clear.

Some of the paths require no maintenance (clearance) because of land management, i.e. farming, grass fields, arable land where routes will not need clearance.

There are still currently 7738 metres on the Bucks CC annual clearance schedule for Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall. Bucks CC cut the paths in order of Parish population but they only have 2 operatives for all of their annual clearance work and can only do one cut per year.

If paths are not regularly walked and maintained we risk losing them. If you have concerns about the condition of a path please follow these simple steps to report it:

  2. Select “Streets and transport”
  3. Select “Report a Problem”
  4. Select “Rights of Way”
  5. Enter the location of the problem. You will also be able to pinpoint the path on the map.
  6. If possible upload a photo of the issue.
  7. Once you have submitted a report you will be given a reference number.

Hedge Cutting

EPC acknowledges that it made an error in judgement in following, too closely, the guidance from the NFU, RSPB & RHS regarding not carrying out any hedge cutting throughout the villages between 1st April and 31st August. As a result of this the hedge cutting was brought forward to the middle of August. EPC will be revising the schedule in readiness for next year to ensure this year’s issues do not re occur.

The parish council also asks parishioners to ensure that the planting around the boundaries of their properties does not cause a danger or inconvenience to others.

Reporting Pavement, Pothole & Fly Tipping Issues

Please report any pavement issues, potholes, and Rights of Way issues to If it is safe to do so please take a photo of the problem and upload it when making the report.

Please report fly tipping to Bucks CC or call 01296 480771 or 0845 330 1856.

Edlesborough Green Roundabout

At the time of writing this report the roundabout on Edlesborough Green is still currently out of use. Unfortunately, due to the age of the equipment many of the parts are now obsolete. There are also concerns that if the unit is taken apart to attempt repairs more issues may be discovered.

In addition to considering cost implications of carrying out repairs EPC is exploring the options, one of which may be replacing the roundabout with a new piece of play equipment.

EPC understands that many children are disappointed that due to health and safety implications the roundabout is not used.

Parking on Grass verges & Kerbs

EPC wishes to remind parishioners that parking on grass verges causes’ damage to the grass and ground in addition to obstructing our contractor.

Parking on kerbs not only causes inconvenience and danger to pedestrians but damages the pavement. With the increasing number of budget cuts being made by Bucks CC it is becoming increasingly hard to get our pavements maintained and repaired.

We need to protect our pavements and grass verges from further damage caused by vehicles parking on them. Please do not park on pavements or grass verges within our villages.


Rent collection will take place in Edlesborough Memorial Hall on Saturday 8th October (9.30am – 11.30am) for Edlesborough & Northall Allotments and at Dagnall Allotments on Sunday 9th October (9.30am – 11.30am). Rents Due: 20 pole plot £40, 10 pole plot £20, 5 pole £10.

In order for the Parish Council to save on administration expenses it would be very much appreciated if tenants could pay their rent on the specified date or arrange for them to be sent to the Clerk at 15 Summerleys, Edlesborough, LU6 2HR (cheques payable to “Edlesborough Parish Council”). Tenants wishing to make an online payment should contact the clerk for details on how to do this.

Due to the high clerical costs involved in collecting late allotment rents, the Parish Council have introduced a £10 late payment fee to be charged if full payment is not received by the end of October 2016.

Any parishioner interested in taking on an allotment should register their interest with the Clerk.



The EDaN Traffic Management team are looking for volunteers to help with their new Sentinel device. If you have an interest in slowing down traffic in the villages or are concerned about Road Safety, please contact Louise Turner on 01442 843123 or by email at [email protected]

Edlesborough Parish Council Meetings

The next Edlesborough Parish Council Meetings will take place as follows

  • Northall Village Hall, Thursday 20th October 2016
  • Edlesborough Memorial Hall, Thursday 17th November 2016

The meetings will commence at 7:30pm.

All Parishioners are welcome to attend all Ordinary Parish Council meetings and may ask questions, raise issues and give suggestions during the Open Forum before the formal start of the meeting. The full minutes of the Parish Council meetings are normally available to view on the website or from the Parish Clerk.

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
Please note office hours are Monday-Friday 10.30am-2.30pm. Messages may be left on an answer phone outside of these hours.