This article was published in December 2003. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

General Purposes Committee

Edlesborough Parish Council has established a General Purposes Committee. The Committee consisting of five members of the Parish Council will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the principal facilities and services provided by the Parish Council, including:

  • Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • Edlesborough Green (including the play equipment, car parks etc)
  • Edlesborough Green Pavilion
  • Edlesborough, Dagnall & Northall allotments
  • Edlesborough Cemetery
  • Edlesborough, Dagnall & Northall Street Lighting
  • Grass & hedge cutting for which the Parish Council is responsible
  • Any other facilities or services as delegated by the Parish Council

This will leave the full Parish Council more time to discuss projects. The Public are invited to attend. The Agenda together with details of the date time and venue of the meetings will be posted on the Parish Notice Boards and on the Website.

The meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month. It is hoped to rotate the meetings around the three villages of Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall. The December meeting will be held on Wednesday the 5th December at 7.30pm at Northall Village Hall.

The full Parish Council meeting will be on the third Thursday of the month at 8.00pm at the Edlesborough Memorial Hall.

Dagnall Traffic Calming

Dagnall now have gates, dragons teeth, school signs to try to reduce the speed of traffic through the village. This is all thanks to a lot of hard work by Parishioners, Dagnall School, Safer Routes to School and the Parish Council over the years.

Buckinghamshire County Council will be monitoring the traffic calming measures to see if a speed camera is required. The Parish Council will continue to press for a speed camera.

A Date With SID

The Parish Council is happy to welcome back SID who will be in:

  • Northall the week commencing the 19 January 2004
  • Dagnall the week commencing the 26 January 2004

For those of you who don’t know, SID is a Speed Indicating Device. A driver drives towards SID; a display board will light up indicating their speed with a happy or sad face depending on whether you are driving within the speed limit. It collects data and is manned by volunteers who have a brief training.

If you live in Dagnall or Northall and wish to volunteer please contact the Clerk.

Five Year Plan

The Council is developing a five year plan encompassing what Parishioners would like to see happen in Edlesborough, Dagnall and Northall in the future. At present it includes items such as: cycle paths; safe walking routes to school; facilities for children in the Villages (in particular young children in Northall); drop kerbs for prams pushchairs and wheelchairs; extending/refurbishing the Sports Pavilion on Edlesborough Green; cleaner/litter free roads & open spaces; safer roads etc. ALL Parishioners - young and old - are very much encouraged to contribute ideas to improve living, working and playing in Edlesborough Parish as well as visiting the area your views as to what you like about the Parish are just as important.

It’s your Parish and your ideas are very welcome! Please contact the Clerk.

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
Please note office hours are Monday-Friday 10.30am-2.30pm. Messages may be left on an answer phone outside of these hours.