This article was published in December 2008. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

Street lighting repairs

After months of endeavouring to get all the streetlights back into working order, the Parish Council have at long last been able to obtain the services of qualified repairers who inspected the lights in November, have repaired some and are having to order several parts for those which are faulty and dangerous due to the rain having got into the mechanism. It is sincerely hoped that by the time you read this report all lights will be working and a continued inspection will follow, repairing lights as and when reported. The Parish Council would like to thank parishioners for their patience.

Cemetery Access

The Parish Council hope to give a positive report early in the New Year.


Revised guidelines have been received from AVDC regarding the use of Section 106 Agreements in improving the amenities in Parishes.

Freedom of Information Act

The Parish Council will be conforming to the latest requirements of the Act by making available as much information as it can to parishioners via the website.

Traffic Calming

Talks are continuing with Buckinghamshire County Council, Bedfordshire County Council and Hertfordshire County Council regarding the continued use of the A4146 by the waste disposal lorries.

Following a recent accident in Northall details of the designated school bus stops have been requested and received from Buckinghamshire County Council. Pupils disembarking from the School buses must be aware of the traffic particularly on the A4146 and wait until the bus has moved off before crossing the road.

Speed checks are to be carried out on the new Leighton – Bletchley bypass once the necessary camera warning signs have been installed.

Contact Information


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