This article was published in March 2013. Please see News & Campaigns for more recent information.

Parish Council meeting– dates and venues

  • 21st February 7.30p.m at Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • 21st March 7.30pm at Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • 18th April 7.30p.m Annual Parish Meeting followed by Parish Meeting at Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • 16th May 7.30p.m Annual General Meeting followed by Parish Meeting at Edlesborough Memorial Hall
  • 20th June 7.30p.m at All Saints Church Hall, Dagnall
  • 18th July 7.30p.m at Edlesborough Memorial Hall

Police Report

PCSO Jackie Dodson attended the January Parish meeting and reported that a high number of burglaries were occurring throughout the parish and neighbouring villages and further ones have taken place during February.

Number plates are also being stolen also entry being made to properties to gain keys to steal cars parked on driveways. Parishioners are asked to be alert and always to report anything suspicious on the 101 telephone number.

Budget & Precept 2013/14

These matters had been the subject of much discussion by the Council over the past two months due to a number of factors:

  • the cumulative adverse impact of having held its Council Tax Precept at £64,000 for the past 3 years
  • the consequent forecast deficit of £3,000 for 2012/13
  • the Council’s continuing aim of trying to keep the Precept as low as possible, compatible with providing Parishioners with well maintained – and where possible, improving – amenities
  • bench-marking with other local AVDC parishes
  • the uncertainty of the Government’s proposals concerning fundamental changes in its ‘Localised Council Tax Support (LCTS)
  • the complicated relationship which was likely to emerge from 2013 onwards, between what used to be called ‘Precept’ and the total Concil Tax for parish and town councils, as a result of changes in LCTS
  • every possibility that the Government might cap any increase in Precept as from 2014
  • the Parish Council’s Budget for 2013/14 requiring a total Council Tax income of £74,109

At its meeting on 17th January 2013, the Council agreed to set its Precept at £68,000.00 for 2013/14 on the understanding that this would be topped-up in 2013/14 by £5,803 of LCTS and £306 from AVDC. It was understood that the Government’s LCTS would probably be reduced in future years, and that the top-up from AVDC was for one year only.

The total of £74,109 in 2013/14 would be the equivalent to £58.25 per year of Council Tax for a Band D property compared with £49.86 in 2012. The new Band D rate of £58.25 is still expected to be lower than that of most of the other local AVDC parishes.

Memorial Hall

The Burghope Trust Charity has kindly agreed to donate a substantial amount of money towards the purchase of new chairs for the Memorial Hall, The Trust’s donation would purchase 50 chairs and the Parish Council have agreed to purchase a further 20. The new chairs have padded seats and backs, which should help to make the Hall more attractive for new and existing users.


Unfortunately the Cemetery ground has been churned up due to a Funeral taking place during adverse weather conditions and the Hearse, which had driven down to the graveside, having to be towed out by tractor. No vehicles are permitted in the Cemetery apart from using the meshed parking area at the end of the track behind the Churchyard for turning round. The rutted ground will be made good in due course.

Due to the original ‘No Parking Access required at all times’ sign on the bridleway gate having been stolen, this will shortly be replaced in a special anti-vandal proof material. Parishioners are again reminded that no parking should take place in front of the bridleway gate.


A request has been made to Bucks CC for white lining to be applied at the junction of Nelson Road/Dunstable Road and also for a School Crossing Patrol to be provided on Dunstable Road.


Anglian Water will be holding a site meeting to discuss the continual flooding occurring in Chapel Lane.

Luton Airport Expansion planning application

The Parish Council has sent a letter to Luton Borough Council objecting to the application mainly on the grounds of increased noise over the villages.

Online Newsletter

Buckinghamshire County Council have launched a bi-monthly ‘My Bucks’ newsletter which aims to keep residents up to date on a wide range of council services, such as libraries, country parks, recycling, roads and safer communities. You are able to view and subscribe to MyBucks at http;// or it can be viewed from the Council’s website at

Contact Information


Clerk to Edlesborough Parish Council: Penny Pataky, 01525 229 358 or email: [email protected]
Please note office hours are Monday-Friday 10.30am-2.30pm. Messages may be left on an answer phone outside of these hours.